Broadband Cabinets


As the ubiquitous grey metal cabinets containing telephone and cable equipment become more and more common on our streets, Wrap and Hide provides a unique solution to this eyesore. Where the cabinets are placed against walls, fences and hedges, wrapping in a photographic print of the background will make these cabinets disappear and cease to blight the urban landscape. While remaining obvious enough, up close, to ensure pedestrian safety, when viewed from a number of yards away they cease to stand out.

Before & After - Camelford

The ugly broadband cabinets, currently an eyesore on our streets, can be made to disappear with a camouflage covering by Wrap and Hide.


Where cabinets are freestanding, in the centre of pedestrianised zones for example, camouflage is neither practical nor safe.  For these cabinets Wrap and Hide has a solution – wrapping the cabinets in creative images of local architecture and objects of local interest.